3 Major Advantages of a Live Answering Service

A live answering service is a call center that has a live service representative answering calls. This type of service can benefit any type of business by providing a more personal connection with clients. This option far outweighs voicemail or automated systems because it provides a number of advantages that will put your company above the competition. A live answering service will increase business, maximize call efficiency and boost customer confidence in both your customer service and overall company.

Increase Overall Business


It is costly to provide a live answering service that is effectively staffed, but such a service can be cost-effective and even increase your potential business. A service will prevent you from missing out on opportunities because of an inefficient or unresponsive answering service. Having a service gives the appearance of a more professional and bigger business. Every phone call has the potential to turn into long-term profit. By providing a good experience for customers, you are increasing company loyalty. Customers who are unsatisfied with customer service will associate that negative feeling towards the product or service despite how beneficial or great the product is itself. According to TeleScan, a live answering service with as few as three hundred clients can result in an additional average profit of $600,000 a year .

Maximize Call Efficiency

According to TIME Magazine, customers that deal with automated systems typically experience a hold time of 1 minute and 51 seconds compared to only 51 seconds with a live answering service . Requests are typically handled much more efficiently by a live agent than a computer. Communicating with a machine can be frustrating for customers especially if they have an unusual request or problem. If the machine cannot determine exactly where to route the call or how to handle the request, then not only is the system ineffective but it leads to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.

Boost Customer Confidence

A live answering service provides the human connection that customers need to feel confident and satisfied with your company. In recent years, automated services have become so standard that many customers are listing live answering services as a deciding factor in company preference. Customers are more willing to pay more for personalized services. Providing a live agent translates as concern and care for the customer. It is a good indicator that your company is people centric. Customer confidence is very important because it easily translates into sales. As customers lose confidence, your sales will drop and you will lose clients as well. This type of service plays a vital role in gaining and retaining customers by providing them with the confidence that your company puts customers first.