3 Signage Accessories to not Ignore

A good sign offers an allure that can draw people in who otherwise might not have considered paying attention to the message. However, the opposite is also true, which could potentially wreak havoc on a company’s bottom line.

So when crafting how a sign can achieve maximum impact, it helps to have all the bases covered when it comes to the seemingly superfluous aspect of accessories. These components don’t necessarily make or break how effective a company’s message turns out to be, but they can certainly enhance it to a point that converts at least some of those who are more inclined to ignore the medium.

Therefore, listed below are three signage accessories that are vital to the overall success of a company’s message:

Touch Screen

The vast popularity of mobile phones has spawned a revamped take on the need for such things as a keyboard. Instead, touch screen technology has become the standard that people expect, since it provides a vivid visual experience that connects with the interactive ease of simply being able to touch the screen.

In the latter case, that builds a connection that’s hard to establish with other levels of signage. Undoubtedly, it’s because it provides both customers and potential customers the power to control what they receive. That control offers the opportunity to build a lasting bond.


The value of this signage aspect may not be readily apparent at first, but where the signage is mounted can spell the difference between success and failure. As with most areas of marketing, especially in the retail sector, signage that’s eye level to the average person will likely garner the attention needed.

Given the fact that marketing campaigns are in a constant state of flux, it helps to have mounts that are easy to move. That helps clear the way for some quick adjusting or moving when it comes to the signage.

Light boxes

The phrase “let there be light” is a mantra that should always be a part of any message. That’s because when it’s a part of signage, it works indoors and outdoors, and obviously has a greater impact at night.

The glow that emanates from the light box has a knack for drawing people to at least consider absorbing what’s being offered in the message. This can be especially important within the context of a trade show, where trying to grab the attention of a peripatetic audience can be extremely difficult.

While other accessories may also have their own level of impact, the three mentioned should be part and parcel of every bit of signage that offers a marketing message.