3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out

Drawing attention to your trade show exhibit is what it’s all about. Without much attention, an exhibit will struggle to find deep patronage and can often struggle to survive as a result. So, how does one go about getting that extra attention?

There are many ways to go about making your trade show exhibit stand out, but here, we’re going to focus on one, particular angle to this – utilizing the senses. The olfactory system is one area that can certainly be tempted, drawing many patrons to enticing aromas surrounding the exhibit and leaving a lasting impression. The visual system can also be used to portray a unique feeling or message that visitors are simply drawn to.

Ultimately, all of the human sensory systems can thus be lured to the unique sensory qualities of an exhibit. With this said, there are many ways in which to take this alluring approach. Here, we take a look at the use of visual, auditory, and olfactory cues specifically in making that trade show exhibit stand out among the crowd.

Visual Enticing

Visual stimulus is as good as any in bringing in the browsers. There are so many ways to incorporate visual stimulus it is quite astounding. Consider glow or neon lights, 3D objects or projections, optical illusions, mirrors, area-focused lighting, or even machine-made fog. No matter the theme or exhibit subject, there are countless ways in which lighting can make you stand out.

Auditory Attractions

Auditory cues can do quite a lot in the way of creating a unique feeling or atmosphere. This in fact, is exactly what draws in visitors and creates a one-of-a-kind exhibit. Here are a few ideas in this sensory realm to play with:

theme-appropriate music
assistive -background noises
sensor-automated greeting system near entrances
visitor-controlled auditory mechanisms

Olfactory Lures

Scientifically speaking, the sense of smell is quite possibly the most powerful when it comes to memories and emotional responses. For this, try using smells that accent the theme of your exhibit and its contents. If no associated smells can be conjured, consider smells associated with cleanliness or popular cleaning products. Incenses, candles, perfumes, and even food smells can do wonders in bringing in visitors and creating a unique brand of sorts as well.

There are countless benefits to making your exhibit stand out among the rest. Using the power of the senses is one surefire way to do this. These three approaches are as good as any place to get started.