4 Benefits to Distributing Custom Challenge Coins to Your Staff

Military coins, or challenge coins have been in existence since the ancient times of the Roman Empire and the WWI era when soldiers were rewarded with military coins as a form of recognition for their various achievements. Initially, they were very valuable and highly regarded in the military culture. Collectors and civilian government organizations have also incorporated the culture of artistic challenge coins in their award ceremonies in the recent years. Here are four benefits of distributing challenge coins to your staff.


Valuable rewards


Most popular private organizations have introduced the challenge coins into their employee award ceremonies. It’s interesting to note that most people would prefer challenge coins as an award for achieving something to being given a trophy or a plaque. This is mainly because coins are valuable and elegant.


Promoting brand logo


Your employees are a direct image of the company even when they are away from work. Since most people would want to be associated with the elegance that comes with challenge coins, you can tap into that and design your company’s logo on the challenge coins and distribute them amongst your employees. Moreover, the challenge coins are more distinguishable than most of the other branded paraphernalia that organizations use such as caps and labeled T-shirts.


Morale boosting


Your staff is part and parcel of your company’s primary objectives. They work hand in hand with you towards achieving the company’s predetermined goals. By distributing challenge coins among-st your employees, you are recognizing their contribution and making them feel like they’re valued as being part of the big family. Just as military personnel feel being part of the disciplined forces which is a special unit of the government, so will your staff feel about being incorporated into the company. Employees who feel valued at their places of work are always productive in executing their various duties.


Foster an organization’s culture and unity


Military coins are part of a rich culture in the military. You can also use the challenge coins to foster camaraderie in your organization and foster the company’s culture. Every business needs to have a certain culture of conducting business that customers can always identify with. Customized challenge coins for civilian organizations have been proved to be morale boosters among-st employees who want to be top performers so as to display their challenge coins as a show of their successes. Encouraging such a culture will not only boost brand awareness but also unify your employees just as is the case with the military personnel.