4 Benefits of Regular Health Checkups

Although you may be healthy and not be in need of any additional healthcare services, you should consider the four benefits of scheduling regular health check-ups. Although all of your test results may come back within normal range, only a thorough health screening can help you determine if you have or are on your way to developing high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer or high cholesterol.

Benefit #1 – Check Your Blood Pressure

Although you can have your blood pressure checked at pharmacies and other places, it pays to schedule regular check-ups to have your blood pressure checked to make certain it is within normal range. Although high blood pressure may not initially be a problem, if left untreated it can cause some major complications like an enlarged heart, a heart attack and stroke. Each year, many people with high blood pressure die from complications.

Should your doctor determine that you have high blood pressure, then you will either be put on a high blood pressure medication or the doctor will make some other recommendations. A change of diet and fitness often help lower the pressure. However, every patient is different. As such, a doctor’s reocmmendations will vary based on a patient’s circumstances.

Benefit #2 – Determine Your Cholesterol Levels

In addition to having your blood pressure checked, most patients also have their cholesterol levels checked at ths ame time. Cholesterol levels are checked with a simple blood test. It is important to know how much cholesterol is present in the blood stream because high cholesterol levels are a leading cause of stroke, heart attack and death.

Benefit # 3 – Get Screened For Breast and Cervical Cancers

In addition to all the other important reasons, women should also schedule regular health check-ups for breast and cervical cancer screenings each year. Women who go in for early detection screenings have a better chance of becoming a cancer survivor if they find out early that they have cancer. This why it is so important for women to schedule regular health check-ups with both their doctor and gynecologist.

Benefit #4 – Have Your Glucose Sugar Levels Checked

In addition to having your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked, you should plan on having your glucose levels checked as well. Having your glucose levels regularly screened can actually help people prevent diabetes. In addition, regular screenings also help people who have developed diabetes prevent blindness as well.

Even if you are in optimal health and are really healthy, it pays to take time to schedule a regular check-up with your doctor. Getting screened regularly for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and breast cancer can reduce the likelihood of having a stroke, heart attack, developing diabetes or dying from breast or cervical cancer.