4 Ideas for Making Sure Your Crawlspace is Properly Insulated

It is important to maintain the crawl space of any home in order to properly manage the heating, cooling and moisture levels of the liveable areas of the house. Long ago, in older constructions, it was thought that if crawl spaces were vented, it would allow air to circulate in and out as well as moisture, but now with modern construction, it’s been discovered that venting actually can make moisture problems worse in a crawl space, and it’s preferable that they be sealed.
What follows are four ideas for making sure your crawl space is properly insulated.

Clean The Space
By storing only a few closed boxes or bins in your crawl space, it can help to keep it dry and clean. If it’s too cluttered or overstuffed, it’ll be harder to keep the space clean and dry and much harder to properly insulate it.

Spray Foam Insulation
Spray foam insulation expands to fit the space it’s inserted into, and it works better than any other kind of insulation available due to its sturdy, spongy-like material that fills in cracks and holes easily. Its waterproof construction keeps moisture out and it’s unappealing to intruding pests like mice and bugs. You’ll save lots of money on your energy bills as well.

Install a Vapor Barrier
When vapor barrier boards are laid on the floors and walls of your crawl space, it helps keep moisture out. This prevents moisture damage to your crawl space area. A notorious problem with poorly insulated crawl spaces is mold and moisture problems. By installing a vapor barrier, you can address this issue directly and keep your crawl space dry.

Close Any Vents
When you close vents in your crawl space, it further prevents moisture from entering and also prevents heat and cooling in your home from escaping. When air is allowed to circulate into the crawl space, it keeps the insulation from being effective, which can, in turn, raise your energy bill costs. By keeping your vents shut, it prevents air from coming in.

When you properly insulate your crawl space, you’ll notice a difference in humidity levels and energy savings when you use the heat or air conditioning in the liveable parts of your home. A crawl space that is properly insulated and sealed adds to your home’s overall value, making it much easier to sell in the future.