4 Surprising Uncommon Uses for Security Systems

While most people use a security system to protect a home or business from burglars, some enterprising homeowners take things a step further to make their lives easier or keep a better eye on kids and pets while away. A surveillance system can do far more than watch the outside of your house and alert police to attempted break-ins. Here are four very unusual but interesting ways to make use of motion sensors and home surveillance networks.

1. Remote monitoring of pets and kids
Some homeowners choose to set up security cameras to film inside the home rather than the outside. Remote monitoring of pets and even kids while away at work or vacation is an interesting way many homeowners are making use of security camera feeds. With a remote monitoring system, you can see real-time videos of what’s going on at home to make sure the kids made it home from school or that the kids aren’t having a party. Some systems even allow you to communicate remotely to comfort pets while you’re away. According to Huffington Post, some security monitoring systems allow you to send alerts or even stream security camera feeds to a smartphone.

2. Live stream social events
People have been using webcams since the 1990s to stream their life and enjoy the thrill of exhibitionism. While this is possible with wireless security cameras installed in your home, you can also use a security system to live stream a party or social event at your home for friends and family members who can’t attend. YouTube now supports live streaming and this concept is expanding in many ways. For example, the funeral for Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister will be streamed live on Youtube via a camera system at the Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood.

3. Scaring away deer and pests
Deer, skunks, and other critters can wreak havoc on your property. Deer may traipse through your backyard at night or in the morning to eat your flower blossoms and pick through your vegetable garden while skunks may make themselves at home under your porch. A system of outdoor motion sensors can be used to activate a recording of dogs barking when animals walk into your yard, scaring off pests before they have the chance to cause trouble.

4. Automated garage lighting
Do you hate bringing in groceries through the garage only to fumble for the light switch near the door while tripping over sports equipment? A home security system with motion sensors can automatically turn on overhead lights as soon as you open the interior door or garage door. A flood sensor can be installed to detect when the garage door is closed so the lights will turn off again when motion ceases.