5 Savvy Ways to Spruce Up Your Tile

There are several ways you can redo your tile without investing money to replace an entire wall or floor. With so many new tile products on the market, design possibilities seem limitless. Some of the ways people approach tile design changes are painting it, replacing sections of tile, using stenciled patterns, adding colored grout, and utilizing glass accents.

Paint Tile

One way to make a big statement is to paint tile. If you don’t like the colors you’re stuck with, then you can paint a section as a design feature. While painting a few tiles is one option, painting all the tiles can make an even more dramatic change that completely overhauls the entire room. According to Houzz, it is important to select a good primer to start the project. Since paint is permanent, it makes sense to consult with a painter about materials you’ll need.

Replace Some Tile

There is no reason to go to the time and expense to replace all the tiles when you can remove a few pieces of tile that are strategically placed in order to create a unique design. This allows you the opportunity to replace tile with colored or decorative tiles of your choice. The possibilities are amazing.

Utilize Stencil Designs

Stencils are the best friend of anyone wanting to paint or draw a design on tile. Do It Yourself claims that the process is as easy as placing the stencil on the tile and painting in the remaining open spots. Depending on which room the tile is located, a pattern can be selected that works well in that room. Some examples of patterns in kitchen areas include fruit, roosters, teapots and any other theme appropriate kitchen designs imaginable. Stencils offer an affordable method for you to get truly creative and come up with decorative tile that is all your own.

Change the Grout Color

A lot of people never consider changing the grout color and what a difference that can make. Once you realize you can stain the color of your grout to any color you want, the sky’s the limit on new authentic, eye-popping looks. Once you’ve decided on your new color and have created it, then you can scrape off the old grout and replace it with the new.

Utilize Glass Tile Accents

Glass tiles are popular and inexpensive. They add an extra dimension to any tile area and are popular as backsplashes and accent walls. Add as little or much as you want to fill in surfaces where you remove tile and need some interesting changes.


There is no reason to “grin and bear” with old kitchen or bathroom tile designs. Since tile projects can be expensive, it is nice to know that there are many ways to jazz up any area without breaking the bank. All that is required is an open mind and a decision about the colors you want.