6 Meaning Gifts for Military Retirement

A gift for a military retiree should have custom elements that are very specific. If you want to honor a local hero, you’ll must work with a company that engraves important details on gift items, such as a retiree’s branch, rank, and unit.

Army Ring

An army ring is a very inexpensive military gift that’s typically made out of a gold or silver material. Most jewelry designers place a flag symbol in a noticeable spot on their rings. At many stores, you can buy the accessory with or without an oval stone.


A customized display unit is an ideal gift for a retiree because everyone will admire the individual’s medals after they are placed in the case. If you prefer a cheaper option, choose a display that has medals already engraved on the material.

A Stetson display is a stylish gift that can be customized before it’s shipped. After you provide the retiree‘s military details, you‘ll receive a professionally engraved display.


In the United States, the eagle represents excellence, so an eagle statue is a great gift for a person who has served the country. If possible, consider buying a giant eagle so that the retiree can use the gift to create a focal point over a fireplace.

Besides eagle statues, there are many other figures that are suitable for a military retiree. For example, some stores sell statues that have well-defined details that highlight combat achievements.

Military-Themed Clocks

Military clocks are manufactured in a variety of designs and styles. You can buy a clock that hangs on the wall or a unit that’s specifically designed for a table or desk. If you choose a clock that’s shipped in a case, the housing may have a U.S. insignia and an engraved plate.

Sabers and Plaques

By purchasing a plaque, you can highlight the retiree’s application of service in a decorative way. Most companies have designers who place unique insignias and graphics on a plaque at a low cost. If you shop around, you may find a plaque that’s designed specifically for combat fighters. This type of plaque is usually shipped with replica pistols.

A saber is a nice gift for a retiree who likes military-themed accessories that hang on a wall. Most suppliers sell officer and NICO  sabers and multiple cavalry swords. Each weapon is made out of an aluminum alloy, which is a long-lasting material.

Gift Pistols

Replica pistols are offered in classic styles and as modern and vintage revolvers. No matter what type of gun you choose, it will hang very easily on the wall. If you’re buying a gift for a smoker, you might want to choose a pistol that’s also a lighter.