6 Tips for Packing Moving Boxes in a Time Crunch

Are you looking to move in a jiffy? If you don’t have a lot of possessions, this can be done quickly. However, if you have a lot of stuff, you will need to start packing some boxes. Don’t let this be a drain on your time. Check out these tips for packing your moving boxes in a jiffy.

Prep Each Room
Before you start putting stuff in boxes, take the time to prepare each room for packing. This will make you feel more efficient. Tape together moving boxes. Make sure there are enough boxes in each room. Don’t start packing until every room has been prepped. This will save you time once the actual packing begins.

Double Up For Protection
Use blankets, clothes, and dish towels to protect fragile items. This will allow you to pack two different types of items at once. It will also allow your fragile items to be protected during the actual move.

Label Some Homeless Boxes
If you are in a hurry to pack, don’t make it a priority to sort items as you pack. Instead, if you are packing a collection of different items in one box, mark it as a homeless box. This will let you know extra sorting will need to be done with the items on the other end. You will save time during packing by expecting to spend a little bit more time unpacking.

Manage Many Hands
Obviously, your work will go faster if you can get some friends to help. However, this effectiveness can be amplified by giving extra helpers clear packing assignments. Send one friend to pack all the bathroom materials in one box. Assign another friend to box up all of the clothes. This will streamline the process, and it will save a bunch of time over the course of packing.

Don’t Move Twice
Once a box is packed, don’t set it back down in the room! This will just make more work later. Instead, all of the finished boxes should be relocated to a garage or other central area. This will prevent you from having to pick up each box a second time.

Music and Treats
You’ll be more motivated to keep up the pace if you have your favorite tunes playing. Keeping a few of your favorite snacks around will also help you and your friends stay moving. Also, don’t be afraid to schedule a reward for yourself and others after the last box is packed. This will give you a finish line to be excited about.

Don’t get stressed out over a time crunch the next time you need to pack boxes for a move. Use these box packing tips the next time you are relocating.