Business Cards: Their Importance in the Business World

In a business world where everything seems to become increasingly digital and impersonal, something as simple as a physical business card can make all the different in how a business and its proprietors are viewed. The importance of carrying a business card that is well designed cannot be understated.

Professional Importance

When a potential new customer, client or business partner considers doing business for the first time, they may know very little about a company. Even if they have done some research online or asked some questions over the phone, there is always the lingering question of legitimacy. There are plenty of businesses out there that lower prices at the cost of good service or really aren’t concerned about good service at all. They are not professional and primarily seek to make quick money off of unsuspecting customers. A professional card can set a business apart from these lesser groups. It shows a customer that the business is legitimate and is not afraid to put a physical representation of itself out there for all to see and hold and share.

The sharing and exchanging of business cards is often described as a universal ritual of the business world. The exact process may even have cultural significance depending on who is involved. No matter what culture a business comes from, a card stands out to everyone as a symbol of caring. A person hiding behind an online website all day has a questionable level of enthusiasm for their business or its customers. A person willing to go out and meet people face-to-face and interact with them by doing something as simple as exchanging cards demonstrates their dedication.

The Impact on Customers and Clients

A card is the symbol of a business, and it is not something that should be just thrown together quickly. Extensive printed material has become increasingly rare as online business and advertising rises to be more efficient and economical. This means that the only physical representation a person has of a business may be the card in their hand. It takes on so much more importance than just a source of contact information. It subtly communicates the personality and values of the business. Just because a person takes a business card doesn’t mean they’ll use the information on it. That choice often has much to do with the elements of the card’s design and how the customer feels about the business from this tiny bit of insight.

It is also important not to underestimate the business card as a networking and advertising tool, and a very cost-effective one at that. Of course, a proprietor will often use their cards for advertising and communication purposes, but customers can use them as well. Word of mouth between customers and clients is so much stronger when it’s back up by a card they can give or show friends. When a simple name might be forgotten and web address remain too much of a hassle to look up, handing off a card may be the choice that leads to a new customer.