When Columns Are The Right Choice For Your Home

When building or renovating a home, many homeowners are looking for elements that add style and elegance. One of the most popular choices is to have interior or exterior columns built into your home. However, not all houses are ideal or even viable for the installation of columns, so it’s important to take stock of your home first. Here are a few times when columns are the right choice for your home:

1. You have Lots of Indoor Space
Columns can only be installed where there is space to allow them, so one sign that they may be a good choice for your home is that you have indoor rooms with large portions of unused space. Large ‘great rooms’ such as living rooms or open kitchens are often ideal places for columns, as they can be placed in spots where they won’t inconvenience anyone walking through the room. However you plan out your columns, make sure they aren’t stuck in inconvenient places where people may bump into them or find their path through the room blocked.

2. You want to Attract the Eye
Designers frequently use columns to flank and accentuate pieces like fireplaces, ornate bookshelves, bathtubs and display cubbies. If your living room has a large hearth with empty space to either side, for example, placing two columns to frame it can draw the eye to the fireplace and give the room an elegant and organized feel. This strategy works equally well for any other pieces that are surrounded by empty space, as the use of columns for framing will draw the eye to whatever they frame.

3. Your Entryway Needs Spicing Up
The front door to many homes, and the space around it, is too often left bare and uninviting. Adding outdoor columns to the area leading to your front door can add a touch of elegance that also feels welcoming to guests. Consider using outdoor columns to frame a pathway leading to the front door, or place them on the edges of the front porch if your home is equipped with one.

4. You want to Divid a Room
Columns also offer a stylish and functional way to divide a large room, or to serve as a segue from one room to the next. This can be accomplished by using columns to frame the pathway from one room to the next, placing them in an open archway or pathway.This is a great alternative to installing a permanent or sliding door, and creates a more open and inviting feel that is better-suited for entertaining guests.